Lands of Kafka, golem or Elisabeth Bathory present their dark/goth music manifesto for the very first time!

Anthology “Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves” introduces the selection of the most interesting current projects from the dark heart of Europe. Download 25 tracks from Czech and Slovak artists for free.


The Duke – all & everything Weird dark wave post punk sleazy project. I wanted to have a female singer for this. Tried two of them but they never called back. I don’t blame them, probably I wouldn’t want to join myself either. I’m starting to actually like the sound though…


Joyew – bass, y END a – guitar & vocals, P and A – synths &vocals, Kocour – drums Band Výsměch? from Polička is an established act of the Czech dark scene. Since the beginning our band members have changed including the addition of a female singer, who brought us great source of new energy. Our third studio album was released by the label Cecek Records in autumn 2015.

Das Funus

Pavel “Ice” Cajthaml - vocals, synthesizers, lyrics, Valggrind - vocals, synthesizers, lyrics Czech darkwave band founded in 2017. Inspired by The Frozen Autumn, Clan of Xymox and 80’s music.


Markus – bass, looper, voice, f/error – guitar, programming, voice

A drop of cola in a supermarket. Slice of salami in a local butchery. Sachet inside a sachet, concrete inside a concrete. Two workers operating stringed mechanisms with the monotonous accompaniment of a deaf drummer girl. Angels are apostoling ascension of debility. Nothing is going to be resolved.

Phosgene Girls

alChymista Czernotta – vocals & keyboard & programming, Sunja Nera - vocals, xhurk 336 Blackotta – bass, TourChess Schwarzotta - guitar Darkwave quartet from Přelouč is active since 2007. Released just one album „Sunlight Hero“ in 2012, currently working on new record in cooperation with legendary producer John Fryer.

The Last Days of Jesus

mary0 the RobotJoker - lead vocal, Fessy - guitar, vocals, Anjou de Cou-Cou - keyboards and programming, Bajo – drums, dr. – bass,

Slovakian band The Last Days of Jesus is breaking borders of music genres and is a stable act on international gothic and deathrock scene. Band from Bratislava has played throughout Europe and USA, has released albums abroad and since the beginning in 1993 helps to form (not only) bratislavian gothic scene.

Bratrstvo Luny feat. Petr Štěpán

Matěj Lipský - vocal; Darkthep & Pšotek - guitars; Haik - bass; Kobdzey - drums, percussions, keyboards; R.X.Thámo - lyrics, performance, production

May it be always connected with the Bratrstvo Luny (Lunar Brotherhood), covering the artistic activity of the all-embracing LunArt Music, not only musical projects and concert performances, but also the dark indie festival the Magic Night of the Troubadours and its Trubadúr newspaper. This is the Bratrstvo Luny in a comprehensive view, stretched over time and more artistic fronts. Troubadours of the New Age!


Tongue T - vocals/guitar/bass/lyrics, Tongue J – vocals/drums/lyrics/production, Sudlice - artworks

Two brothers, one girl, three brains, two throats, one band, no gigs. Tongue, both lust and magic, fetish and occult, the dark energy. Apparently still the first czech deathrock band. Debut “At The Beginning” was released in 2012 on international labels Zorch Factory and AF Music. And next?


Martin Pazdera – vocals, Igor Tinák – guitar, Miroslav Maľcovský – bass, Barbora Petrášová – keys, Radoslav Priputen - drums

Gloom is melancholic/gothic rock band from Slovakia. Discography: CD „Nostalgia“ (2006, Mystic Empire Records), CD „Catharsis“ (2017, Metal Age Productions).

Noví Lidé

René Tomaides, Mejra Šlejhar – music, Mejra Šlejhar – lyrics,

Noví Lidé is a post-punk / dark wave electronic music group prolific since 2013. Recognizable by its minimalistic arrangements and lyrics, the group is now releasing its debut album titled „Světlo a stín“, which was mastered by Moimir Papalescu.

580 Miles

Peter Chudík – synths, Miriam Christina – vocals/lyrics,,

580 Miles is a Slovak/German pair consisting of Miriam Christina (vocals, lyrics, and all about vocals, words, and other arrangements) and Peter Chudík (synths – analog, virtual – programming and all around music).

Vokoj feat. Espe

Espe – vocals & lyrics, Vokoj - noisy background,

Espe – the white witch, the feminine aspect, semi-transparent. Vokoj – the automaton, who dives into human souls to explore their darkness. Combining the two, the light & ethereal with the gloomy industrial, creates the perfect balance.

Ľahká Múza

Gudrun Snake - vocals, 677 - guitar & electronics, iNOVA - bass

Ľahká Múza was created in 1984 and is existing constantly 33 years on the dark music scene.  It is not easy to describe her music because it goes above all genres, which is recognisable by merged guitar sound, electronics, ritual rhythmics, powerful female voices and original live performances. The band released 9 albums and one DVD and performs on all important Europe dark festivals.


Julie – music & lyrics

Isiolia is a solo musical project originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Keyboardist Julie started with music production in 2010. In her work, she includes mostly elements of darkwave / synthpop / EBM. In 2017, Isiolia performed in Prague where she appeared as a supporting artist for the German EBM band Grausame Töchter.


Richard Viduna – music & lyrics,

Richard Viduna aka mulpHia is officially releasing under Advoxya records (5 CDs) from year 2007. Style: darkelectronic/darkwave/EBM/.


Sissi Enns – vocals, Ondrej P. – music & lyrics,

An electropop project from Bratislava, Slovakia. We are trying to revive electronic music in our country and bring it where it belongs.


Šimon Hrábek - all,

Project Dren is anti-genre based one man project, which first appeared in 2016 (formerly as Check.My.Pulse) as an attempt to find my very own music language, that could capture my moods and disillusions. All my music is shared for free.

Plague Called Humanity

Alex: vocals, Cypher: guitar, Dave: programming, BereNika: drums,

Plague Called Humanity was created in 2014 and defined their genre as cyberpunk (mix of EBM and crust). After many concerts (including festivals such as Junktown or Schattenwelt) they found their sound and released first EP „Disconnection“(2017).

The Opposer Divine

Minor Float - music & lyrics

The Opposer Divine was created in 2012 by Minor Float as a side project to Terminal State. Instrumental sound experiments resulted in albums released by independent net label, then two albums and one EP with added vocals were released by Aliens Production. The project self-released its final album in 2017. This is the very last song.

Tábor Radosti

Josef H - synths, samplers, programming, System Failure - synths, samplers, programming

Masked dark ambient duo Tábor Radosti is active more than two decades. The project released five studio albums and is known as one of the biggest names of the genre. Important part of the music is also their visual, which makes their performances known as unique and unforgettable hypnotic ritual.


Paula Cantare – vocals, Yak Hottcutt – sound,

Bloodpact was formed by Pavla Kantorová and Jakub Nečas, who started playing together three years ago. Before that, Pavla played in bands Pica z hoven and Frau Frankenstein und Spüllboys. Jakub is dedicated to his own production, mix and mastering. In Bloodpact the visions of both artists meet - darkwave electro with elements of dubstep, rave, punk and metal. There is inspiration for contemporary bass music, but also respect for classic 80’s and 90’s styles such as industrial body music, electronic body music or IDM. In 2016, they released their first EP. They performed on a couple of festivals like Junktown, Hradby samoty, Beseda u bigbítu and they also have played some club shows.


WhoreWolf – music, lyrics, production

I’ve been making music since I was 13 years old, now I’m 27. I started as a hip hop producer and MC, but after 5 years I decided to stop. I became a huge fan of electro and dark music and since 2015 I’ve started a new aggro/horrorcore/dark electro/Industrial project called WhoreWolf Production.

Terminal State

Minor Float & Chris XX - music & lyrics,

Terminal State is well established in Czech/Slovakia EBM. We release our music under Electro Aggression Records umbrella. The band consists of two members, Minor and Chris XX. The band is still active, you can see some live shows and we are also completing our next album, which should be released in 2018.


Matej, Sonic(k) - music & lyrics

A Slovak project that creates dark ambient with orchestral undertones and oppressive atmosphere. During fifteen years of their existence, they have released five full-length albums, a couple of live albums and collaborations. Phragments have released their albums in Slovakia, Israel, Italy and USA. 

Vespertine Soul

Lukáš Luhan - music & lyrics

Vespertine Soul was brought to life in South Bohemia (Strakonice) by Lukas Luhan, emerged through plenum of inner visions around the year 2002. Inspired by solitude, nature and freedom of the Spirit at dusk. All the acoustic songs were meant just for 2 albums only, while the second one is still in recording process.


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Press kit here in english or here in czech. Feel free to contact us.


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