Lands of Kafka, golem or Elisabeth Bathory present their dark/goth music manifesto for the second time!

Anthology “Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves Vol·II” introduces the selection of the most interesting current projects from the dark heart of Europe. Download 25 tracks from Czech and Slovak artists for free.

Bratrstvo Luny


The single “Canopies of the Clouds” heralds the new studio album “Clamare” (2020). Bratrstvo Luny (The Brotherhood of the Luna) celebrated 13 years on the scene (2019) with the release of the special album “Luna nad Iglau”, sung by frontman of the XIII. století Petr Štěpán. The group is planning the 5th year of its own Magic Night of Troubadours festival for next year (2021)

Decent Ruins


Ruindustrial – warlock wave – Syntherin. High-powered night walkers of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Last Influence Of Brain

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Last Influence Of Brain was established as side project of Samhain. Members participating at both projects are Solo, Bop and Blazena. Last Influence Of Brain till now released four full studio albums and currently new released digital EP Meantime. Binarea remix was made especially for Sanctuary compilation by Bop. Original version of Binarea track you can find at last released studio album Insomnicons.

Noví Lidé


They released two albums: Světlo a stín (2017) and Kruh (2020). They compose and record music in an old industrial factory.



Electronics in a rock guise? Alternative rock riddled with electronic samples? Exploring the sources like EBM, darkwave or futurepop ? Yes, that’s all joined in the work of the band TEAR, originated in Prague. TEAR returns after several years of sleep and is looking forward to meeting with you.

Love My Science


Slovak electropunk/new wave/indie/synth/postpunk with the elements of Irish folklore started back in 2017 wit “Overload result” demo CDEP. The lady behind this project is the ex-singer of deathrock/new wave band Hysteric Helen, Frances Lane and Caramel Exile.

Stereo Songbird


Stereo Songbird is a one-man bedroom project. Everything is taken care of by a guitar, some synthesizers and melancholy mood; using primitive beats and simple melodies I’m trying to capture the atmosphere of a neon city, night rides and the inner strength of an individual.

Das Funus

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We recognize the analog tradition of the 80th. Based on our philosophy, we use the analog synthesizers and effects, samplers. We use them not only for making music but also for live performances, to evoke the atmosphere of the 80s. We play music on the border of darkwave, synthwave, synth gothic rock, minimal synth and coldwave, mixed with deathrock theatricality of live performances. In addition to music, the show dark image is also important to us.



Band Výsměch? from Polička is an established act of the Czech dark scene. Since the beginning our band members have changed including the addition of a female singer, who brought us great source of new energy. Our third studio album was released by the label Cecek Records in autumn 2015.

Dave Von Tenebrae


DvT is a one-creature project of a keyboard player of cyberpunk band, Plague Called Humanity. Even though its often genre shift is what actually defines this project, recent work could be defined as a mix of synthpop and dark synthwave, but even darkwave influence might be heard there.

Cathedral In Flames


We are the goths. We are the gods. We are Cathedral In Flames. Check out our album “Children of The Blackest Hole” and be prepared for the next one called “Desperado”. Lineup: Phil Lee Fall/ Gatsby/ Ambra Von Bernstein/ Billac deVille/ Mr. Theorodick.



Sensual mosaic of epic neoclassical darkwave, dismal ambient, dissonance of opera vocal and growl with occult verses. Opus ethereal resounds with nocturnal melancholies interwoven with necronomic curses in a completely unique musical composition.


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Throat singing and overtones, hypnotic rhythms of percussion, ancient instruments and dead languages, but, above all, a hauntingly dark atmosphere like a fog in a forest bog. That, in a nutshell, is how Nemuer’s concerts, unforgettable rituals, could be described.

Vespertine Soul


Vespertine Soul was brought to life in South Bohemia (Strakonice) by Lukas Luhan, emerged through plenum of inner visions around the year 2002. Inspired by solitude, nature and freedom of the Spirit at dusk. All the acoustic songs were meant just for 2 albums only, while the second one is still in recording process.



SCHWARZPRIOR je elektronický, audiovizuální projekt s žánrovými a formálními přesahy. Vznikl v roce 2009 na Fakultě umění v Ostravě jako výsledek výtvarné a performativní činnosti tří spolužáků Tomáše Motala, Edgara Schwarze a Radka Plehy. V roce 2014 jim vyšla debutová deska IDDQD, která zaznamenala úspěch na domácí i zahraničí scéně. Členové jsou aktivní v dalších uměleckých projektech a činnostech. Skladba na této kompilaci je ukázka z připravované nové desky.

Mean Meme


An EBM punk punch followed by a torn polo shirt collar. A spit to troglodytes’ frappuccino from above with the elegance of philharmonics. Razor wire connection. One of the Killing Jokes of the 21st century. Mean Meme.

The Opposer Divine


More information will be available on the FB fan page of The Opposer Divine and Static Charge Disease.



Electropop formation from Bratislava (Slovakia) with EBM / Cyberpunk / Aggrotech elements. The song Horiace bariéry (Burning barriers) is a pilot single for the upcoming album.


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Bolehlav is Michal Milko’s electro project that combines the best elements of heavy dubstep with breakcore, metal, industrial and noise experiments. His debut EP Don’t Believe In No Ghosts was released by French Audiotrauma label in 2019. Song Cliché was recorded in January 2020.



Isiolia is a solo musical project originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Keyboardist Julie started with music production in 2010. In her work, she includes mostly elements of darkwave / synthpop / EBM. In 2017, Isiolia performed in Prague where she appeared as a supporting artist for the German EBM band Grausame Töchter.

Project Jara-J


Project Jara-J consists of one member Jaroslav Junek,composer and lyricist from Czech Republic.He is focusing mainly on software and keyboard electronic music as well as on e.b.m and industrial.He also composes dance music,rock,pop,ambient and movie music with sounds of classic orchestra.He is open to any music style.



Kneel In Front Of The Executioner, abbreviated K.I.F.O.T.H., is a dark electronic electronic couple from Slovakia for more than a quarter of a century. This is the only band of Czecho-Slovak Dark History that has released records by the famous label Out Of Line. Over the years, there have been concerts together with bands like Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb and Hocico, among others. They performed their concerts at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival, few times. The duo K-head and mir Colon have released seven studio albums and dozens of concerts all over Europe. The still active duo often collaborates with a number of other artists / projects. The last time, the executioners have helped creating the new record for the Czech-EBM legend Vanessa.



GoLeave is a solo electro-synth project by Patrik Vojuch. He also played in synthpop group “PRoject” with Richard Pachman and he have other two music projects “Fate In” and “Sun del Side”. He works too on remixes for other artist.


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SKROL is a Czech industrial band, formed in 1995. It consists of composer and keyboard player Vladimír Hirsch, singer Martina Sanollová and non-performing member Tom Saivon, providing noise structures and lyrics. The style of the band is based on neoclassical principles in martial-industrial matrix.

Fuj Kluk

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Fuj Kluk (Yuck Boy) is a darkwave lo-fi audiovisual project. It sounds like melancholic bubbling, schizophrenic creaking and intimate whispering. It looks like strokes of a frayed and almost written black-and-white marker.


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